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Patterns Perfected - via Beauty Bender

NCLA teams up with the celeb nail-art experts at Nailing Hollywood to create the most dream-worthy nail wraps we’ve seen yet

To say that we here at Beauty Bender like nail art might be the understatement of the year (just check out our Pinterest board dedicated to the topic), so we nearly swooned when we learned our favorite Nailing Hollywood nail art gurus—Jenna HippMadeline Poole and Stephanie Stone—were collaborating with NCLA on limited-edition, to-die-for wraps (available here today!) Inspired by their work on photo shoots, each celeb manicurist designed two signature decals for the collab, duplicating the often-complicated designs they’re known for,  and they couldn’t have turned out more differently.

“I wanted simple yet classic designs that would make my job easier and give my clients options they might not normally be able to achieve due to time restrictions,” says Hipp of her classic take on the half-moon manicure, the versatile Jenna’s Nude Moon. It’s subtle and perfectly put together, plus “it’s easy to glam up,” says Hipp. “Just paint any color you want over the nude [portion] using the half moon as your guide.” Dita Did It is Hipp’s vintage-inspired take on the same look (named for burlesque bombshell Dita Von Teese) that combines a marshmallow-hued moon with a deep, seductive red. “The look has been well loved since the 1920s, but it oozes modern style. It’s an instant nail pick me up,” she says.

Poole’s Electric Gradient comes in two colorways in each pack—a slightly conservative fade from pink to red and an adventurous turquoise to neon yellow style. Her Orbit Ring design also comes in two colors. Each wrap features a graphic black outline along the cuticle with a pastel base color (a minty robin’s egg or pale pink). “The outline is so thin and perfect that it’s almost impossible to do on someone else, let alone yourself,” says Poole. “With a wrap, you don’t need to worry about having a steady hand with an unforgiving color like black. The same goes for Gradient—it fades from one color to another at just the right spot no matter how long or short your nails are, gradually and seamlessly.”

Stephanie’s Galaxy was a no-brainer for Stone, who felt it was essential for her to include. “A galaxy nail is a look so many girls attempt to create, but it is nearly impossible to perfect! I wanted everyone to be able to wear this look without the tedious and lengthy process of trying to paint it.” With the eye-catching galaxy look, each nail is truly its own universe, complete with shining stars and stunning hues. And for her boudoir-vibed Aly En Vogue stickers, Stone “really wanted to create a nail wrap that had a soft femininity to it but also had a little rock ‘n’ roll feel,” adding the floral V styles “can be worn by girls with styles that range from preppy to punk depending on how they style their outfit around it.”

These creative ladies have ensured there’s a wrap for every nail-art aesthetic—just remember to seal the whole nail (including the tips) with a coat of NCLA’s Gloss It! for a picture-perfect paint-free manicure that lasts two weeks.

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