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Sportswear itself is nothing new—Alexander Wang has regularly sent swaths of mesh down the runway—but on the nails? That’s something to cheer about. This look makes us want to dig our pom-poms out of storage and break out the old high-kick. It’s no wonder that nail artist Madeline Poole refers to this look as “the sports bra nail.” Indeed, it has those racer-back lines, and that athletic blue is reminiscent of the athletic jerseys and football helmets of your youth (or, at least,someone’s youth). Whether or not you’d ever attend a football game, we’ll wager you can get behind this look. Go team go.


Black and white detailing: ModelsOwn / Wah Nails Nail Art Pen in Black & White

Studs By: Prima Creative / The New Black “Rebel Edge”

Blue Polish: Ginger + Liz “Jeggings”

Seche Vite Quick Dry top coat


Kiss Press on Nails

Nubar tool kit for placing the studs

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