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Start by painting the whole nail cream, then split the nail in half with bright red on one side. Allow both layers to dry, then split the red in half with a bright royal blue or purple. I used a striping brush in black to create the thinner black stripes on the cream side, and a striper brush in white and red to create the very thin lines on top of the red and royal color blocks. If you don’t have striping brushes, you should try using a fluid acrylic paint — I like Golden Fluid Acrylics for this.

RGB Nail Polish in Vellum, $16, available at RGB.

Christian Dior
"Start with a neon pink nail. Then, mix your black color with a thin base coat in order to layer it — I suggest you start with mostly the base coat. Use an eyeshadow brush to apply the thinned-out color to the bottom half of the nail using very,very gentle swipes and dabs. With each layer, you start a bit lower on the nail and the mixture will be increasingly opaque. A good top coat will also help blend the gradient.” 

Paint the whole nail neon red, and in the center of the nail, create an organic stripe with a brighter hot pink. Allow this to dry, then create another thinner organic stripe with a lighter pink. After these colors have dried, swipe on silver from the base of the cuticle towards the middle of the nail, and from the tip towards the middle — avoiding the stripe of pink faded color. It’s hard to find a good silver, but Ginger + Liz’s ‘Tuck Me In’ is amazing and covers very well. To complete the look, use the same neon red you started with to add a few dots and lines on the silver, giving a faded effect.

Ginger + Liz Nail Lacquer in Tuck Me In, $12, available at Ginger + Liz. 

Read the whole story here: http://www.refinery29.com/nail-designs/slideshow?page=2#slide-1

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