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Kreayshawn for Lifestyle Mirror

"Our cover subject Kreayshawn is no stranger to nail art eccentricities, so we had no choice but to employ the fabulous, amazingly talented, nail-world-renowned Madeline Poole of Nailing Hollywoodfor her photo shoot. Ms. Poole was kind enough to send us a glimpse into her kit before the shoot, for which she customized press-on nails with a geometric design and Swarovski crystal studs. Poole used a bevy of colors from RGB, Nars, The New Black, Orly, Ginger + Liz, and American Apparel. You can shop the precise colors in the gallery below, but manicurists beware: It takes swagger like Kreay’s to pull these babies off. —Phillip Picardi (@pfpicardi)”

Shop the look: http://www.lifestylemirror.com/beauty/nails/madeline-poole-kreayshawn-custom-nails/

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